Ligament Polyclinic as a highly specialized polyclinic for rehabilitation back injuries, disc protrusions as well as muscles, tendons and ligaments. It emerged from Ligament Ltd. which began its work back in 1993. Although the company began in 1993, the name Ligament given in 1996 marked the creation of a new affiliation which, together with the Polyclinic Ligament, makes the indivisible whole.


In the polyclinic, injury diagnostics as well diagnostics of spine deformations is conducted on special measuring platforms.

As part of diagnostics, the additional ultrasound diagnostic tests are often made using high frequency probe of 14 MHz. They give the exceptional resolution images helping the accuracy in particular diagnosis. For the analysis of the spine curvature, and the further procedures for its rehabilitation, the most sophisticated devices are used for such as: laser, therapeutic ultrasound, magnetic therapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy and DTS device for the spine extension and decompression.


In addition - within the rehabilitation - the manual methods for preparing the patient are used in the form of full, partial or oedema massage. They are followed by manual therapy and all spine parts manipulation (Maitland concept and other manipulation techniques) including methodology of the atlas adjustment and proper positioning of the occipital region as indivisible unit in total manual therapy. Manipulation is performed in accordance with the findings. The assessment of strength and handling is very important in respect to the bone quality (The manipulative approach in older and younger patients is not the same).

Also, within the overall rehabilitation cycle, the exercises are included as the indivisible upgrade of the entire rehabilitation process. Monitoring the exercising, the patient tries to get back to working condition. Clearly, this is a process that requires time, partially personal sacrifice and even correcting some habits, but the benefits are huge. In case of scoliosis, the individual exercise demonstration is implemented.

At the end of the whole chain, there is LIGAMENT Ltd. "manufacture".
It is a real, small production. The individual orthokinetic splints are produced. Also, the correction of the remaining deficiencies of pelvis and feet level is performed. This correction is achieved by creating highly sophisticated splints based on the computer analysis of gait and pelvis balance. Apparatus and materials used are high quality European products (Italy, France, and Germany).
In order to produce the appropriate splints, the patient comes repeatedly for the purpose of prevention and regardless of injury. So, it is not necessary to go through the whole process of rehabilitation.
This entire rehabilitation cycle refers mainly to those patients who suffer from pain. The patient must come for several split controls, free of charge, for adjusting the final splint product. One of our Ligament employees, who is the professor of kinesiology, then uses the information inputs from all other clinic co-workers in order to develop the individual orthokinetic and dynamic splint.
From this relationship, it is evident that Polyclinic Ligament and Ligament Ltd., although two legal firms, function as the indivisible whole.

Our team

The technical support is given by: Diana Modrić, Slavica Čurković and Sanja Bućan.
Diagnosis and rehabilitation quality decisions are made by Dr Med. Ante Puljiz (Mr. Sci. –physiotherapist) and Dr. Med. Stjepko Bućan (physiotherapist).
Physiotherapists in rehabilitation are: Marko Razum - physiotherapist, Josip Parat - physiotherapist, Hrvoje Potroško - physiotherapist, Petar Buljan - higher physical physiotherapist, Marko Buljac - higher physical physiotherapist, Vladimir Vinković - higher physical physiotherapist.

Marinko Rogić, Professor of kinesiology of Ligament Ltd.. participates in the work of trim cabinet and Professor of kinesiology Mario Valpotić participates in analysis and production of orthokinetic splints.

The manager and owner of the polyclinic is Dr, Med. Stjepko Bućan - physiotherapist

  • Father of five children
  • Manager and owner of Ligament polyclinic
  • Specialist in physical therapy, rehabilitation and manual medicine
  • Participant of four Olympic Games. As part of water polo team awarded by the silver medal in Atlanta '96, and as part of the national rehabilitation team: gold medal in Atlanta '96 (Men's handball), Duje Draganja, silver swimming medallist, Men's handball gold medal in Athens '04 and a bronze medal tennis couple Ljubičić - Ančić.
  • Participant of Croatian Homeland War in 1991/92 and Storm Operation in 1995